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VR new aircraft

42 inch high-definition synchronous display LCD, head show MR technology, flagship VR headsets, bring more shock VR experience

VR space walk

Upgrade safety barrier, 55 inch hd LCD screen, dual positioning system, double VR remote control, bring different VR move feeling fun

VR chamber of demons

Wooden built-in props effects, the sense is stronger, handle interactive game, the table at the bottom of the built-in hi-fi, 5 d comprehensive effects, more powerful senses



About us

           Guangzhou XIECHUANG Culture media technology co., LTD is based on a VR comprehensive technical company, to promote the development of high-tech content production hardware products, the whole hall plan output, we for VR/AR/MR virtual simulation technology to create VR + new entertainment theme park, set up more than 600 in with us to create successful VR + new entertainment theme park, success to open more than 600 medium experience pavilion, and served many famous scenic spot in the industry for the mainstream technology in recent years the VR/AR/MR new technology to accelerate the introduction of domestic, due to widespread impact VR industry and industry integration is adapted to the contemporary era, so it must be a new fashion icon.



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